Johnson County Green Party


  • lobbied office of Senator Tom Harkin on issue of voting integrity
  • joined with Iowans for Peace and other groups to protest Iraq war and campus recruitment; supported PeaceFest
  • appealed to Iowa City Community School Board to refrain from environmentally destructive land purchase
  • co-sponsored Sabeel Conference in Cedar Rapids
  • hosted visit from John Rensenbrink and other prominent Greens
  • mounted Board of Supervisors' campaign for Kevin Owens
  • gathered petition signatures for Daryl Northrup, Kevin Owens, David Cobb and Ralph Nader
  • participated in June national nominating covention in Milwaukee, with delegates supporting David Cobb
  • hosted visit from Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb in February and September
  • hosted visit from Green Party vice-presidential candidate Pat LaMarche
  • supported campaigns for Peter Harty and Kelley Putman to the Soil and Water Commission; Kelley Putman elected
  • Kevin Owens, Ethan Grundberg, Matt Blizek and other Campus Greens were elected to student government positions 2001-2005; Matt served as president of the University of Iowa Student Senate.
  • inaugurated campaign for Gasoline-Free Day February 1st and succeeeding first days of the month
  • participated in January 29th anti-war rally at Pentacrest; coverage in Gazette and DI
  • conducted panel on "Green Issues," February 25th
  • joined and spoke at anti-Iraq war rallies and protests January-April; held panel at Citizens Against the War teach-in at the University of Iowa March 5th
  • co-sponsored Peace Camp, University of Iowa, spring
  • contributed to 2002 Iowa Green Party Platform
  • Iowa Green Party state convention held in June, with Ben Manski, of the Green Party-US steering committee and Juscha Robinson, Green Party of Wisconsin as guests.
  • supported Iowans for Peace and other groups in protesting a proposed war in Iraq
  • participated in statewide campaigns for Jay Robinson and Holly Hart, Tim Harthan, Don Arenz and Brian Depew
  • ran Board of Supervisors campaign for Joannes Pool
  • for campaign: distributed 6000 leaflets, prepared two mailings, painted and placed signs, updated voter registration lists, marched in parade, tabled and collected registration forms on Pedestrian Mall, called registered Greens in other counties, served as poll watchers, designed leaflets and web site, maintained campaign newsletter, held fundraiser, and hosted candidates.
  • tabled for Winona La Duke lecture, hosted visits by Dean Myerson, Green Party Political Coordinator and David Cobb, legal advisor to the Green Party-US
  • tabled at I-Renew fair
  • supported Friends of Hickory Hill campaign to save hilltop
  • hosted visit from David Cobb, then Campus Greens organizer
  • hosted visit from Dean Myerson, then Green Party political director
  • endorsed primary campaign of student Brian David for Iowa City City Council, with Matt Blizek as campaign manager
  • hosted visit of then-Green organizer David Cobb
  • collected signatures in support of state-level Bottle Bill
  • in conjunction with Johnson County Labor Party, held Health Care symposium featuring Carol Miller of New Mexico Green Party
  • gathered signatures to put Ralph Nader on the ballot; supported Nader for President campaign in Iowa; obtained state ballot status
  • oversaw Iowa City Council watchdog group
  • participated in Iowa City annual "Pride Fest" 1997-2001
  • supported campaign against First Avenue extension 1998-2001
  • supported Johnson County Living Wage campaign 1998-99
  • supported "Save our SEATS" campaign 1998-99
  • Green-endorsed candidate Steven Kanner won an at-large seat in City Council election
  • endorsed "Save the Deer" campaign to end city sharpshooting
  • oversaw City Council watchdog group
  • joined national protest against "Mobile Chernobyl" 1997-98
  • participated in planning sessions for development on Northeast side and Penninsula


  • official inception of Iowa City Green Party (name changed to Johnson County Green Party in March, 2001)
  • Green candidate Russell Lovetinsky fell only 26 votes short of victory in primary for City Council election
  • joined protests against School of Americas abuses in Latin America, 1997-99ff.
  • protested use of pepper gas against forest activists in California
  • Johnson County Greens initiated successful campaign to place Nader on ballot
Other Endorsements:
  • Kyoto I and II; International Green Statements on Global Warming; Civil Society statement opposing World Trade Organization's millennium round of comprehensive trade negotiations; statement opposing NATO strikes in Kosovo; National Forest Protection League; I-Renew; Clean Water Network (2001); People for Justice in Palestine petition opposing forced removal of Palestinians from homes in the occupied territories.
  • 2003: endorsed petition against abuses of Patriot Act; endorsed petition supporting humanitarian peace force in Iraq; endorsed Agricultural Plank for U. S. Green Party
  • The Green Party's purpose is to run progressive candidates for office. Our members also participate in many activist causes in Johnson County and the United States.


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