About the Johnson County Green Party

The Johnson County Green Party was founded in 1996. We meet each month, currently at the Iowa City Public Library. New members are always welcome. A statement of our positions are HERE

We need your help to elect our dedicated candidates. To become a member of the Green Party, please visit the Johnson County Registrar's site at www.johnson-county.com/auditor/voter/vrfrmins.htm and register "no party," and fill out our membership form. To receive announcements for Johnson County Green meetings and events, and to vote on local Green Party issues, please send an e-letter to our secretary Holly Hart, at hhar11t@gmail.com.

The Green Party of the United States is recognized by the Federal Elections Commission, and is a partner of the European Federation of Green Parties and the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas. Please visit www.gp.org to view the national platform. For information about the Iowa Green Party, please see iowagreens.org

Recent Green Party candidates for president of the United States have included Ralph Nader (2000), David Cobb (2004), Cynthia McKinney (2008) and Jill Stein (2012) and (2016).

We hope to see you at our meetings, and above all, we hope that you will VOTE GREEN in future elections.


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