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Johnson County Green Party Nominating Convention

August 6, 2002 , 6:30 p.m., Iowa City Public Library, Room C

Attendance: Florence Boos, William Boos, David Reed, Joannes Pool, Jim Walters, Holly Hart

I. Nominating Convention

Facilitator: Florence Boos, Convention Chair: Florence Boos, nomination, Holly Hart; second, Joannes Pool, approved by consensus; Convention Secretary: Holly Hart, nomination, Florence Boos; second, Joannes Pool approved by consensus

There was discussion of what local offices are open, some advice we've received on issues we could promote, and who might be willing to run for various offices. It was unanimously agreed that we would endorse Kim Painter for County Recorder. We have no Johnson County candidates running for state legislative offices (Statehouse or senate)! although we have two Johnson County residents running for state offices (Holly Hart and Don Arenz). Joannes Pool had stated earlier that he would be willing to run ("stand") for County Board of Supervisors. Other potential candidates mentioned were Matt Blizek, for County Board of Supervisors; and Greg Thompson, either for County Board of Supervisors or Soil and Water Commission.

Joannes Pool was nominated by acclaim (unanimous) for JCGP candidate for Board of Supervisors. Nomination, Florence Boos; second, Holly Hart. Matt Blizek was nominated by acclaim (unanimous) for County Board of Supervisors. Nomination, David Reed; second, Joannes Pool. Matt has declined the nomination, however, as he feels the fact that he already holds an office in UI Student Government might appear a conflict of interest. Greg Thompson was also nominated by acclaim (unanimous) for Board of Supervisors and Soil and Water Commission, as he might choose. Greg also declined the nomination(s), saying he is interested in doing some campaign work, but not running at this time. Jim Walters suggested we set up an election committee, and start working on election strategy and tactics. He suggested some potential members, along with those present at the meeting. It was decided to hold weekly campaign meetings, as needed. Meetings will be, unless otherwise announced, Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. Location, TBA. The first campaign meeting will be held Tuesday, August 13th, at 7 p.m., at the Iowa City Public Library.

II. Business Meeting Facilitator: David Reed

Those present reviewed the statement, "What Do Greens Stand For?" which William and Florence drew up to be posted on our (pending) CGP website. Florence Boos also presented for review a web page she has designed. She is contacting Cameron Spizter (who maintains many of the Green web pages, servers and listservs) to see about getting web space and a URL.

Hickory Hill Symposium: JCGP has been contacted by a group organizing a symposium for September 28, which they would like us to co-sponsor. Co-sponsorship involves, they suggest, a $250 contribution. Holly Hart will contact them and see if they would accept $25-50. Our co-sponsorship is pending their acceptance of our offer.

Voter registration outreach: David Reed said he would contact Matt Blizek about organizing some voter registration tables in UI dormitories or at the IMU when classes begin. He also asked about tabling possibilities for the ped mall. We can table downtown anytime: we have the required permit, Holly has a bag of stickers and buttons, and we have some literature (party and campaign brochures). Jim recommended especially that we have a table on the ped mall the week before classes begin.

More discussion on various topics: Jim sugested coming up with op-eds on topics of interest for candidates to submit to the local press. He also suggested organizing a Green Rally with all IAGP candidates. Meeting adjourned early (!), a little after 8 p.m.

Signed, Holly Hart, JCGP Secretary

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