Johnson County Green Party Business Meeting
Wednesday, February 11th, 2004
7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Iowa City Public Library, Room D

Facilitator: Joannes Pool

We had a productive meeting with discussion and results on a nmber of issues.

I. Members discussed and approved proposals to be sent to the state work list:

- A proposal to begin gathering petition signatures for a Green presidential
candidate on Iowa's ballot, with David Cobb' s name on the petitions, to begin
Tuesday, February 17, during his visit to Iowa. RATIONALE: we need to start petitioning soon, and he is the only stand-in actually running an active
campaign; the large majority of members in Iowa, from discussion and caucus results, support his campaign (some before Nader's announcement that he would not seek the Green nomination; others supporting Nader earlier feel that Cobb will be a good candidate).

- Proposal for Iowa Green Party presidential preference vote, to mandate proportionally national convention delegates in June. This vote will occur at the state meeting; its purpose is to result in Iowa Green Party 1st. 2nd and 3rd (or however many we want) choices for presidential candidate preference. The results will be mandated proportionally over the IAGP's 9 national convention elegates.

- Proposals for Iowa Green Party bylaw addition to address inactive or dissolved county chapters; this would allow IAGP business to be conducted without having to rely on inactive counties to reach a quorum for votes, and also not penalize those county chapters that are not always able to be active; counties would be able to re-activate as they are able.

- Discussion but no further resolution on a possible proposal to select the Iowa Green Party's delegates to the national Green Party nominating convention in June. The question is whether to have slots filled proportionally, which would give larger county chapters more delgates, but possibly at the expense of smaller counties getting none. The decision was to request the IAGP co-chairs to ask each county to see which of their members might be interested in attending the national convention, and which would be interested in serving as delegates. Concern was also expressed about a possible need to fairly reflect members' preferred electoral strategies.

II. We discussed potential dates for state meeting. Not all who want to attend
can go on some of the dates. Holly will write Larry Orr to give input on which dates the Johnson County Green Party would prefer.

III. Johnson County Green Party County Convention. Set for Wednesday, March 10th, usual time and location (7 p.m. at the Iowa City Public Library). We discussed JCGP official officer positions. The opinion was expressed that we don't need all of them; we have never had all of them active. The proposal will be offered at the county convention to elect just one or two co-chairs, as needed. Also we expressed interest in having a Campus Greens sitting co-chair or liaison. Florence will contact Campus Greens about this.

IV. Planning for David Cobb's Visit, Tuesday, Feb. 17th
Joannes will contact newspapers and try to set up editorial board meetings;
he will work on a flyer if Campus greens don't already have something prepared.

Holly will write and send press release; will call Campus greens to find out
about location for evening event; will contact Public Access TV.

Florence - will send Holly media list; will post information on websites.

V. A peace demonstration is planned in Des Moines March 20th - some members will try to go and carpool.

VI. Florence mentioned the good news about the dropping of the subpoena against the peace activists in Des Moines. Stay tuned.....

Next meeting: Johnson County Green Party Convention
Wednesday, March 10, 2004, 7:00 p.m.
Iow City Public Library, Room C