Johnson County Green Party Business Meeting
May 7th, 2003
Iowa City Public Library, Meeting Room C

Attendance: Florence Boos, Holly Hart, Peter Harty, Barbara Hackmann, Joannes Pool

Facilitator: Florence Boos

Book recommendation, Barbara Hackmann: Twilight of American Culture, about publishing and the media.

Peace Camp needs some help [its term expired soon after this meeting, and it closed after a successful semester].

GP-US Platform Summaries are now available. Holly Hart has summaries and information on how to order more.

Discussion of upcoming elections:
-2004 presidential race - How can we best contribute to defeating Bush? Should we run our own candidate? Possible reasons include: disseminating an alternative, progressive platform, ballot access, putting pressure on Democratic candidates to roll back recent erosion of civil liberties; try to get into the presidential debates
-Need also to focus on Congress (one of the proposed national Green Party strategies is to focus on a few key Congressional races).

Holly requested permission to develop a plank on the need for reliable and accurate voting equipment, to offer to the national platform. APPROVED by acclamation, consensus.

Next meeting: June 11, Iowa City Public Library, 7 p.m., Meeting Room C