Johnson County Green Party Business Meeting

August 6th, 2003
7:00 p.m., Iowa City Public Library, Room C

I. Two new co-chairs were elected.

Florence Boos is stepping down as she has a number of projects she needs to finish this semester. Additionally, Matt Blizek has left town after graduation. Last month, both Joannes Pool and Megan Woodland expressed interest in serving as co-chairs of the Johnson County Green Party. At this month's meeting, both were elected by unanimous approval.

Welcome Megan and Joannes! And many thanks to Florence for the great deal of excellent work she has done over the past year, keeping things organized and moving, and creating several excellent flyers (Green policy; Greens and Nonviolence). Florence also created the Johnson County Green Party website and will continue her work as webmaster. She will also remain as one of the Johnson County Green Party delegates to the
Iowa Green Party state committee.

II. Financial report:

The Johnson County Green Party has collected $45.80 through tabling, exclusive of $40 which we sent to Iowa Green Party national delegate Eric Olsen, to help defray travel expenses to the
national Green convention last month. Thanks to Florence and William Boos and Barbara Hackmann who made contributions to Eric's travel fund.

III. Proposal

to amend the Iowa Green Party bylaw defining Iowa Green Party membership, now that we no longer have ballot status (and can therefore no longer register to vote as members of the Iowa Green Party):

Proposed Rule 3: "Any qualified voter in Iowa whose properly registered political party affiliation is Green; whose registered political party was "Green" during the most recent period, not to exceed 4 years, in which it was possible to register "Green" in Iowa and is currently registered "No Party;" or, who is currently registered "No Party" and indicated to their local or state chapter their intention to become a member of the Iowa Green Party, either through membership form or some other form of written communication."

Passed. This will now be forwarded to the state co-chairs to send to the state co-chairs to sned to the Iowa Green Party state committee for a vote.

IV. Plans for the upcoming Iowa Green Party state meeting,

August 23rd, 2003, at the Iowa City Public Library. It was suggested that we try to meet again in the coming week to go over preparations for the state meeting. We will arrange video equipmet and an overhead projector, snacks, room setup and tables, materials (newsprint, tape, markers, name tags, et cetera . . . . Sarah Davidson will let us know what materials
need to be printed to make up delegate packets. We will ask her to try to get an estimate of how many might be attending.

MOTION, Florence: In the event the Johnson County Green Party lacks our full quota of delegates and alternates, that members present at the state meeting be empowered to appoint a suitable person to serve as temporary acting delegate, beginning with current officers. Holly seconded. Passed.

VI. Distribution of Iowa Green Party State Meeting materials,

and review of what we will need to think about and do in the coming months.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 10th, 7 p.m., Iowa City Public Library

Signed, Holly Hart, Secretary of the Johnson County Green Party