Johnson County Business Meeting Report

Wednesday August 11th, 2004, 7:30 p. m.Attendanc: Kevin Owens, Peter Harty, Holly Hart, Florence Boos, William Boos

We began with an informal discussion of the recent visit by Green Party vice-presidential candidate Pat LaMarche and the Gazette's praiseful article on her. All agreed it was a good visit; she made a favorable impression on the media and was effective at each campaign stop.

We talked about current developments in several states where Nader/Camejo is seeking ballot access on the Green Party ballot line (despite the fact that David Cobb is the party's official candidate). Fortunately, this is not an issue in Iowa.


Proposed casino: We discussed the proposal for "river"boat gambling on the English River [sic] in nearby Washington County, and the many disadvantages this would bring to the area. Peter has contacted Libertarians in the area, and will get a list of Washington County contracts to see if there is interest in pushing opposition to this.

Board of Supervisors campaign: We talked at length about Kevin's Board of Supervisor's campaign. Florence reported the results of the calls on her list, and we discussed whom else to contact. Kevin's treasurer, Ethan Grunberg, has opened a campaign account. Kevin plans to file nomination papers with the Johnson County auditor on Wednesay August 18th. A press release will go out, and a fundraising mailing is being prepared. (see calendar, below)

Green Energy Tour: The Cobb campaign scheduler wishes to send David Cobb to Iowa on Sepetember 21st, as part of a campaign specifically highlighting "green" renewable energy and the economy. Potential locations are asked to prvide ideas, arrangements, logistics and media for local stops. The tour would have two stops in Iowa, one afternoon, one evening.

We know David will be coming from the the Twin Cities, but not sure which direction he would head after that--this could affect the plans made here. Several suggestions included northwest Iowa stops, center and northeast Iowa stops, and an Iowa City/Cedar Rapids stop (addressing labor, and tying in labor with the theme of the tour). I-RENEW Expo is scheduled for the preceding weekend, however, but the Hiawatha site may nonetheless be a possible stop. It has been suggested we contact the I-RENEW board, invite them to our event, and perhaps arrange a talk. Plans will be posted on the Iowa Cobb campiagn listerv for statewide involvement and, it is hoped, coordination with the Northrop campign.

Other campaign events: Note that there are about 80 days left in which to campaign, and there have been many requests for visits by both candidates. David Cobb has expessed strong support for the Iowa Green Party and our campaign; however, the schedule is nearly booked solid. We will try to get David and/or Pat to Iowa, but also look into "surrogates." The campaign has some excellent speakers, of whom two are in nearby Minnesota.

Interest was expressed by UI professor David Redlawsk in having David Cobb speak to his class; if possible, we will work it in; if not, we will look into bringing another speaker.

There was also early talk by the Cobb/La Marche campaign of appointing a "Shadow Cabinet," but so far nothing has developed.

Campus Greens: The national Campus Greens meeting will be held this coming weekend in California. It's expected that there will be many requests for visits during the upcoming campus tour. We will put in a bid as soon as possible.

Fundraising: It was suggested that we choose a date, location and band(s); possibly something more folk-like earlier, followed by "louder" music later in the evening. We're open to other ideas.

Outreach: We discussed how to be more effective. A notebook or sign-up sheet should be available at all tables and events. Newcomers can then be contacted and invited to upcoming events.

Check out the calendar!

Holly Hart

Secretary, Johnson County Green Party