Johnson County Green Party Business Meeting
Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
7:00 p.m.
Uptown Bill's Small Mall

We were visited by 12 students from a politial science class. The students were generally interested, and asked some good questions about the goals and activities of the Green Party. Members talked with students, answering questions about the party, why we joined, our current and past work and our recent electoral activity. We noted that reasons for joining the Green Party often involve personal values, our recent platform, interest in developing a multi-party system, and in developing a real political alternative.

We then discussed plans for the near future, which include:
events, such as inviting an outside speaker. Possible speakers
were mentioned for single-payer health care and climate change.
Other talks might include those by our members on the county soil and water board, or a talk by a local authority on affordable housing.
We mentioned the opportunity for applying for Johnson County and Iowa City commissions, among them commissions for housing, planning and zoning.

We will plan to discuss these possibilities further at the January meeting, then plan for events/speakers in February or March. Members will bring a list of upcoming races for 2006, and a list of local boards and commissions; and will contact potential speakers and report on availability at the next meeting.

Next meeting: WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9th, 2006

Holly Hart
Johnson County Green Party, Secretary