Johnson County Green Party Meeting for Business
Wednesday, February 5th, 2003
Iowa City Public Library, Room B

Attending: Florence Boos, Megan Woodland, Jim Walters, David Reed, Holly Hart; a student observer on assignment for her Rhetoric class

Facilitator: Florence Boos

Florence brought samples of some materials she has prepared, articles and letters featuring Greens from local newspapers, and a political cartoon.

Minutes from the January 15th, 2003, meeting were accepted.

1) Discussion of priorities for the coming months.
--Suggestion to target legislative races, start thinking now.

--Lobbying for SF 42, our ballot access bill. Senators Joe Bolkcom, D-Iowa City, and Mary Lundby, R-Marion, co-sponsored the bill; it was introduced into the Senate State Government Committee and referred to subcommittee.

ALL GREENS & FRIENDS ARE URGED TO CONTACT THE SENATE COMMITTEE MEMBERS by e-mail, land mail or phone. For a list of senators' e-mail addresses and some talking points, e-mail; more contact information for senators can be found at
--Publicity for SF 42. Megan will write a letter for the Gazette, Holly will write one for the Press-Citizen. Jim is planning to submit an op-ed to the Des Moines Register; this would be from his perspective as chair of the Johnson County Labor Party, but could bring up the need for ballot access and SF 42.

--US Senate Resolution 32, the Kennedy-Byrd resolution; Florence urged members to call Iowa senators, Jim urged members to include Sen. Tom Daschle; also, multiple copies or calls are a good strategy.

--HCR 7, introduced by Ed Fallon (D-Des Moines) in the House State Government Committee; bill would create a legislative committee to study instant runoff voting. Rep. Fallon would like Greens' help lobbying for this. For a list of the House State Government Committee members, write, or, or check the wbesite:

2) Calendar. Jim announced that Christians for Peace will hold a candelight march from St. Thomas Moore to the Iowa River on February 17th. It is important that Greens participate in these activities, both for their own sake and as part of coalition-building.

Panel: "Greens Respond: Urgent Issues for 2003 and Beyond." The city-wide coalition (which includes JCGP) sponsoring an anti-war resolution will present that to the Iowa City City Council on the evening the panel had been scheduled. Members decided to re-schedule the panel. We will ask one of the students to arrange a room [we have something for 2/25]. Florence created a flyer, members offered to help poster; we will ask one of the students to have it sent to the dorms.

Peace Fair, Sunday, February 16th, 1-5 p.m., at the Iowa City Public Library.
We have a table, and a request for literature; specifically Green, and something on the connection between War in Iraq and Oil. Holly has a couple of the national Green Party statements that can be formatted nicely and printed out. We will bring copies of the "Gasoline Free Day" statement.
Florence has made up a "Green positions" flyer and will continue to refine it.
Bill Boos will be able to table starting at 1 p.m., Holly can arrive shortly after 2; others are welcome to come and help staff our table.

Peace Event/Anti-War Rally, Saturday, February 15th, 2 p.m., downtown. We are part of the line-up, and will recevie more information as it becomes available. The planners asked Holly to speak; we may have a chance to supply more, and will know more, hopefully soon.

David Reed says his son-in-law has been in Palestine/Occupied Territory recently, and suggested we bring him here to speak. He will provide more details when he knows them. He will also send an announcement of the Gasoline-Free-Day to Little Village and the Community News Advertiser.

3) Long-term planning. State commissions vacancies. Megan is interested in the state Commission on Women, and will obtain the application form from the website.

4) A question has been raised about failure of IAGP state committee delegates to vote in some statewide elections. Florence suggested the co-chairs send a reminder, or call delegates who haven't voted, and will suggest this to the state officers.

5) Discussion of outreach to non-white/minority populations. The Green Party has made some progress in attracting people of color, including a number of candidates. There is a ways to go, however. Suggestions included preparing a Spanish language Green Party flyer, posting the Key Values in Spanish on our website, and translating other items into Spanish.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, March 5th, 2003; 7:30 p.m.; Iowa City Public Library, Room B


Holly Hart, secretary Johnson County Green Party