Johnson County Green Party Business Meeting

February 2nd, 2005, 7 p. m.

I. The Bottle Bill:
Gail, Holly, and Kevin all reported that the stores they called accepted returns of the bottles they sold, in accordance with Iowa law. Holly said that the New Pioneer Co-op was going to have a recycling center set up at the Iowa City location through the City, but nothing has yet happened.

II. School district issues:
We talked about what we can do to encourage more environmentally friendly buildings. Gail, Holly, and Kevin will try to attend some School Board meetings to attempt to shed some light on the issue. Other possible actions include: asking the Johnson County Board of Supervisors to look into development in the Camp Cardinal area (west and north of the Iowa City/Coralville area, I think), joining school board committtees, and writing letters to the state legislature task force on restructuring the government (supporting the idea of saving money with environmentally friendly buildings), and writing letters to the editor.

III. ballot access:

A conference call to coordinate statewide work such as bringing Tom Hartman to Iowa and ballot access work will occur at 7:00 p. m. on February 9th. Anyone who would like to call is welcome to, even just to listen. Those interested should contact Holly for more information.

IV. Future plans:

Then next meeting is tenativly scheduled for Tuesday, March 1st, 7:00 p. m. at Pizza on Debuque. The adgenda includes:
1 Report from student organizations
2 Update on school district issues
3 Disscusion on boards and comisions in the community
4 Disscusion about the anti-war protest on March 20 (with updates from Iowans for Peace, War Resistors League, and student anti-war groups)
5 Other

If I've forgoten anything, or if anyone would like to add anything, please post it to the list, or e-mail me.

Kevin Owens
Co-Chair, Johnson County Green Party