Johnson County Green Party Business Meeting
Wednesday, February 15th, 2005
7:00 p.m.
Uptown Bill's Small Mall

Facilitator: Kevin Owens

I. Johnson County Green Party treasurer Kelley Putman sent a treasury update. Thanks to some new
donors, there is now $182.02 in the Johnson County Green Party account.

II. Report on recent Iowa Green Party officers' telephone call:
Recently, there has been interest in having a statewide meeting. Officers were enthusiastic about Iowa City's offer to host a statewide meeting sometime this spring. At this time, it looks like the time frame will be late April-early May, possibly 4/29 or 5/6. Meeting will be for minor business, mostly a strategy session and socializing.
We will look into seeing if Ted Glick (formerly national coordinator for IPPN, now national coordinate for Global Climate Change Network) would be able to visit at the time; if so, we will plan some type of larger event for the general public, as well as include him in our meeting. If that is not possible, the Johnson County Green Party will try to see about hosting him here anyway, and will look into a different guest for the state meeting.

Gail Ardery will reserve a meeting room for the state meeting at the Iowa City Public Library, once a date
is set.

The Iowa Green Party treasurer has been looking for a replacement. At this time, one other member has said he would likely be interested in the position.

III. Kevin announced that his residence, the Summit Co-op House, will host a pancake breakfast meet-and-greet for Iowa gubernatorial candidate Ed Fallon.

Kevin is trying to recruit a friend into running for County Agricultural Extension.

IV. The Fallon campaign is looking for volunteers. Ed Fallon has supported third party ballot access legislation and is a strong proponent of Instant Runoff Voting. He openly supported Ralph Nader in 2000, and has been respectful toward the Iowa Green Party. Members agreed to send out an informational e-mail for anyone who may wish to volunteer to help out with the campaign.

V. We discussed which materials are currently on hand. John Jennewein will order "green cards" and select some merchandise from the national website. Holly Hart will replenish the inventory of local and state materials (brochures, bookmarks). We have plenty of platform summaries and Green Pages.

VI. Florence Boos has recently updated the website (very nice!). Activities, contacts and up-to-date information is now on the Johnson County Green Party page.

VII. Gail Ardery was elected as Johnson County Green Party delegate to the Iowa Green Party state committee. The Johnson County Green Party gets three delegates to the state committee; the others are Florence Boos and Kevin Owens. Kelley Putman and Holly Hart are alternates.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, March 1st, 7:30 p.m. Uptown Bill's Small Mall

Holly Hart
Secretary, Johnson County Green Party