Johnson County Green Party Business Meeting
7:00 p.m.
Uptown Bill's Small Mall

I. The Johnson County Green Party received a nice thank you note from the Dorr-Harthan family for the contribution made to the American Diabetes Association in honor of Tim

Tim was the Iowa Green Party candidate for US Senate in 2002, and made several visits to Iowa City. Tim had a true ability to connect with students, members of organized labor, and everyday citizens. He served as one of the Iowa Green Party's delegates to the national meeting in Milwaukee and participated in a meeting of elected Green officeholders there, with positive response.

II. The Johnson County Green Party, the University of Iowa Anti-War Coalition, the War Resisters' League and others organizations are planning a Peace Fair, to be held, ideally, September 11th in Hubbard Park on the University of Iowa campus. It has been suggested that Campus Greens might be the appropriate organization to request reservation of Hubbard Park. Kevin Owens has started looking into getting the field reserved.

III. Positive feedback was received on two proposals:
1) Iowa Green Party sign-on to NIRSNET statement on transporting nuclear wastes;
2) Iowa Green Party co-sponsorship of a Maine Independent Green Party proposal to the Green Party of the United States concerning voting at the upcoming national meeting. The proposal would have any votes extended so all national committee delegates could vote, whether present or not. Those not present would vote on-line, via the usual procedure.

Both proposals passed the Johnson County Green Party and the Iowa Green Party. Notice was sent to NRISNET about the signing on of the Iowa Green Party. The "Maine Proposal" is still under discussion in the national GP committee.

IV. Ongoing business: We will continue to try to monitor school board issues and inquire about the Van Allen School wind turbine, which is supposed to be there and isn't. We talked of getting involved in upcoming city council elections, and expressed continued interest in sponsoring a city council candidates' forum, focusing on green issues, sometime this fall. We decided to ask Kelley Putman to speak about the issue at an upcoming meeting.

V. Campus Greens members discussed having a Campus Greens' table at start of fall semester activity day, and more ideas for Campus Greens.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, July 5th, 7:00 p.m.
Location: Uptown Bill's Small Mall