Johnson County Green Party Business Meeting
March 1st, 2005
7:00 p;.m. - 8:10 p.m.
Pizza on Dubuque


Present: Holly Hart, Gail Ardery, Kevin Owens, David Sacks

I. Kelly Putman provided a Treasurer's Report:
The January 19, 2005, DR-2 report was submitted on time.

Ethan Gundberg forwarded a donation from the remainder of Kevin Owens' campaign funds of $131.03, which was deposited in the Johnson County Green Party account.

A check for $40 was sent in memory of Tim Harthan to the American Diabetes Association.

The January/February bill from Zephyr's printing for $19.62 was paid.

Bottom line, we have $332.86 in the Johnson County Green Party account and all bills that have been submitted have been paid.

II. Upcoming Races; Boards and Commissions; School Board:

Kevin reported attending a forum on "No Child Left Behind" last night at West High. One of the school board members there encouraged people to run for the school board.

Do we have members interested in the school board, or other upcoming vacancies? The Facilities Advisory Committee for the School Board is currently accepting members. Kevin will contact school board president Loren Reece and send a notice to the Johnson County Green Party listserv for anyone interested in this to contact him, and we will provide more information on how to apply.

David will research upcoming races and vacancies on boards and commissions and provide information. Two places for information are: - dept.cityclerk; and www. - elections - voter info - link: elected officers.

III. Super Wal-Mart:

Iowa City City Council votes tonight on whether to sell parcel of land to Wal-Mart. Even though they will still have to vote to re-zone the land, this is generally considered a done deal. A press release was suggested, which could include forward-looklng suggestions (looking toward next fall's elections), comments on on the City Council vote and the economic well-being of Iowa City. We will discuss the message over e-mail for a couple days.

IV. Anti-War Activities:

March 19th there will be a car-pool to Des Moines and a vigil in Cedar Rapids. On March 20th, a march and rally in Iowa City are planned. We will forward information as we find it. The Johnson County Green Party will plan to participate, and will contact the organizers to make sure they include us in the list of co-spopnsors.

There has also been interest in counter-recruitment. Iowans for Peace and the War Resisters League of Iowa City held training sessions this weekend; we will pass along information on more trainings or events as we learn of them.

IV. Campus Greens:
David and Kevin are interested in re-activating Campus Greens; they spoke of an educational campaign, and of contacting Nicholas Johnson about possibility of getting David Cobb to the University of Iowa this spring.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 5th, 7:00 p.m.

Signed, Holly Hart
Secretary, Johnson County Green Party