Johnson County Green Party Business Meeting
Wednesday, November 12th, 2003
Iowa City Public Library
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Attendance: Megan Woodland, Holly Hart, Florence and William Boos, Scott Brown
Facilitator: Megan Woodland
Guest: Rod Sullivan, candidate for Johnson County Board of Supervisors

I. Rod Sullivan, candidate for Johnson COunty Board of Supervisors, is seeking our support for the 2004 race. He spoke about why he was running and other potential Board of Supervisors candidates. He advocates a committment to democratic process and public awareness. Members questioned him on his views on various subjects: intergovernmental cooperation, "technology corridor," the Jail, TIFs, immigration to Iowa City, inclusive zoning, and clean water.

Members were impressed by his grasp and knowledge of issues, and that he had ideas on how to address them. He was respectful in asking for our support, noting that he is a Democrat, but shares points of view on many issues with Greens. Members discussed possible ways to offer support and continue to consider this in future meetings.

II. FTAA protest, scheduled for Friday, November 21. The Johnson County Green Party has been invited to send a speaker. Megan will be available. Holly will get copies of the just-approved (overwhelmingly) national Green Party statement on the FTAA.

III. E-Newsletter. We're reminded that the Iowa Green Party is trying to be consistent in putting out a monthly e-newsletter; it's been lagging. Holly will send a report on what the Johnson County Green Party has been doing, and a reminder to UI Campus Greens.

IV. January 19th - Caucus night. Members discussed what to do. We decided to hold a caucus/fundraiser/party for all interested to attend, along with a strategy session, straw poll and platform updating for active mmebers at some point. Florence suggests "quiet political music." Megan promises the "loud" stuff to come later. . . . Megan proposed a suggestion for Iowa Green Party presidential candidate selection, involving a ballot obtainable online. After further discussion and approval of this idea, we agreed that she will write up the result, pass it by members present at the meeting, then forward it to the Iowa Green Party co-chairs for consideration.

V. We also discussed briefly changes in the national party's requirements for delegates.

Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
Location, Iowa City Public Library