Johnson County Green Party Business Meeting
Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
7:00 p.m.
Uptown Bill's Small Mall

Holly Hart, Kevin Owens, John Jennewein, Florence Boos, William Boos, Guest (political science class observer): Brandon Engmark

I. Discussion of upcoming election on November 8: current city council candidates and municipal power initiative.

Garry Klein and Amy Correia are city council candidates who have attracted interest from our members. Johnson County Green Party members and friends are encouraged to contact one of these campaigns to volunteer for last-minute leafletting or GO-TV phone calls.

The Public Power Initiative seems to be hanging in the balance. This is an issue of great interest to Greens; members are urged to volunteer to help with GO-TV phone calls this weekend. Final GOTV efforts could be a deciding factor. To volunteer, e-mail Karen Kubby at <> or Mike Carberry at <> .

II. John Jennewein offered some useful education and insights into the political climate in Coralville. Their deadline to file for city council candidacy was later than Iowa City's. There are a number of issues in Coralville that are prime for Green input. Unfortunately, Coraville city council candidates are all running unopposed. Members discussed organizing strategy at the precinct level and contacting Coralville residents who are on our old registrant list. John advocated trying to establish a Green contact for every precinct.

III. We discussed the possibility of organizing a local event to coincide with the December 3rd-9th Global Days of Action to Stop Global Warming, focusing on a major United Nations Climate Conference in Montreal. Members decided the date was too soon and our members too busy with other current work to try to put together a large-scale event. Members expressed interest in inviting national coordinator Ted Glick to Iowa City soon after the U.N. conference; or, if that's not possible, in the intermediate future. Holly will write Ted Glick and see whether this can be arranged.

IV. Future focus: Florence suggested looking again into inviting speakers on various topics from other Green chapters: a couple examples were Bob Schultes, who could speak on universal health care; and David Larson, who could speak on the media. Kevin suggested arranging a debate between someone like Bob Schultes and someone taking a different point of view. Holly suggested looking into boards and commissions and upcoming local races, and identifying what will be available.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, December 6th, 7:00 p.m. Location Uptown Bill's Small Mall.

Holly Hart
Secretary, Johnson County Green Party