Johnson County Business Meeting

Wednesday, October 20th

7:00-8:30 p. m. Uptown Bill's Small Mall

The Iowa City Press-Citizen has endorsed Daryl Northrop for the U. S. Senate and printed his op-ed on universal single-payer health care. Daryl was also included alongside the two "major" party candidates in another article mostly about Chuck Grassley. Great coverage!

1. Leafleting:

Kevin and his friends have been leafleting the past couple of weeks in precincts where votes are likely to be willing to consider a Green candidate. We will continue leafleting and spread into a wider area, and hope to capitalize on the Press-Citizen's endorsement of Daryl.

A proposal to have 200 copies of the Northrop tri-fold brochure made at Zephyr's, paid for by Johnson County Green Party funds, was passed.

2. Discussion of a possible event with Daryl Northrop, such as a joint fundraiser with Kevin:

Holly will find out if Daryl will be on WSUI, and we will see if we can plan something for the same day.

3. Discussion of ballot access and official party status:

We should take this up right after the election. There are a number of potential routes and possibilities. Members should think about possible benefits from this, what we should prioritize, and what are our goals. More discussion to come.

4. Coordinated lobbying on areas of common concern with Libertarians:

These include civil liberties; the Patriot Act; dismantling corporate control; third party ballot acess/status. More discussion to come.

5. Possible future meetings/gatherings:

Tuesday, November 2nd--Evening, time and location to be announced! Join s for dinner or snacks and watch the election returns . . . find out by when we need to be in the streets the next day . . . .

Wednesday, November 3rd--Evening, time and location to be announced (likely the Iowa City Public Library).

Join us to discuss what our next activities will be during the coming year, which races to look at, and which issues to address. One or two of our members will be on the County Soil and Water Commission--are there issues there of which we should be aware?

Holly Hart

Secretary, Johnson County Green Party



"There are no good jobs on a dead planet" -- David Cobb, Green Party Presidential candidate


President/Vice-President: David Cobb/Pat LaMarche

U. S. Senate: Daryl Northrup

Johnson County Board of Supervisors: Kevin Owens

Johnson County Soil and Water Commission: Peter Harty and Kelley Putman (you can vote for both!)