Johnson County Green Party Business Meeting
October 8th, 2003
7:00 p.m., Iowa City Public Library, Room C

First came a review of the September 28th reading by national Green Party founders and other officers at the Iowa Memorial Union. We regret that Florence Boos broke her arm, but glad that she is on the mend. The reading and talk went well, with about a dozen+ in attedance, and was well received.

I. Anjali reported on Campus Greens’ upcoming plans. Notably, they are co- sponsing an upcoming talk by Jim Hightower, and plan to try to bring two more speakers to the University of Iowa, along with a “Teach-In Anniversary” during the spring semester. Florence asked that Campus Greens send calendar notices to her and she will post them on the Johnson County Green Party webpage.

II. Materials. Thanks to continued Saturday afternoon tabling at the pedestrian mall, we are running out of stickers, buttons and platform summaries (good?!). Holly will look into what’s currently available through the national party and Goods for Greens, and will order a bundle of the latest issue of Green Pages and more platform summaries. Possibilities include more stickers, buttons, fundraising CD and platform summaries. Some expressed Interest in T-shirts. We can split items up between the Johnson County Green Party and UI Campus Greens; if other counties are interested and we have enough, we can send them materials at cost.

III. Regional Campaign Schools coming up: Racine, WI in December; and Prairie Region near Kansas City, March 19th-21st, 2004.

IV. Request from Iowa candidate for US Senate, Bob Watson, for support and some help: We will include his flyer and petition to get on the ballot at our table. Discussion: reiterated concern to make clear the focus of this
organization is to build a political party, need for clear party identity.

V. City council election, General Election November 4th, 2003. Brandon Ross and Regenia Bailey both made it through the primary.

MOTION by Joannes Pool for the Johnson County Green Party to endorse Brandon Ross for one of the two at- large seats; Regenia Bailey for the Distrect C seat; Karen Pease for the District A seat. Seconded by Holly Hart and Anjali Khosla.

Discussion about whether to endorse now, in this small group, or send out to listserv for members to have a chance to review and give feedback. MOTION by Joannes Pool that Joannes will send out the proposal to the list and request feedback; seconded by Holly Hart . PASSED, unanimous.

REMINDER to send in reports of any activities to state Green newsletter editor, David Larson. We will try to be more consistent about this.

NEXT MEETING: November 12, 7:00 p.m., Iowa City Public Library

Submitted, Holly Hart, secretary of the Johnson County Green Party