The Green Party of Iowa is proud to support well-qualified candidates who offer fresh approaches to issues facing Iowa and Johnson County.

Grant Wood, "Spring Plowing"

State Candidates

Jay Robinson
for Governor


from rural Baxter, Iowa

Pastor, Librarian, Farmer, Citizen Activist



Other State Candidates

Holly Hart
for Lieutenant Governor

Iowa City, Iowa

Broadcast Producer, Pianist, Citizen Activist

Education: M. F. A., D. M. A., Music, University of Iowa 1991

Interview with Holly Hart


Tim Harthan
for U. S. Senate

Grassroots Democracy

"My campaign is aboutwaking up our elected officials to the fact that 'we the people' are still here. Please join us in a journey to take back democracy."


Brian Depew
for Secretary of Agriculture

Laurens, Iowa

Self-employed Farmer; undergraduate research assistant to the president of Simpson College

"It is time for real local control of the placement and regulation of confined animal feeding units."


Don Arenz
for Secretary of State

Iowa City, Iowa

English Instructor; T'ai Chi Instructor


"If elected Iowa Secretary of State, I would continue to advocate instant runoff voting to better express the full range of voter preferences; and emphasize social responsibility in my communication with existing and applicant Iowa corporations."

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Johnson County Candidates

Joannes R. Pool
for Board of Supervisors

Joannes Pool is dedicated to bringing sustainable economics and accountable governance back to Johnson County, and to returning political power to the local level.

According to Joannes, "Our county neeeds to divert money away from large-scale, outside corporate interests and back to our small-scale, family farms and businesses. We need to look at new, more viable alternatives to issues such as jail overcrowding and water quality. We need election reforms, including Instant Run-off Voting and Proportional Representation, to make your vote count for more."

Joannes R. Pool is working to build the strength of the Green Party.

Joannes Pool Leaflet: suitable for distribution JRPHndbl1.pdf

County Recorder: the Green Party endorses Kim Painter


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